Vladimir Mijatović

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With prominence as one of most valuable assets, visual simplicity that communicates steps in. I work on flexible way which produces efficient results. Below is just a small list of international clients I’ve had a chance to work with. Best way to get in touch is email, or in fact, any of the means provided.

Shin Ryoku (AU/JP)

Japanese for “The New Green” – spring awakening. Shin Ryoku is family company with mixed Australian / Japanese origins. Request was mark that would serve as a “kamon” or Japanese family crest. I came up with the unique symbol based on three core elements – a circle, a spiral and a leaf. Circle serves as kamon base. Spiral – one of the most unique geometric and natural elements is a branch. The leaf at the end of the spiral represents “The New Green” or the seedling itself. Well accepted and already in use as family symbol, Shin Ryoku mark sets tradition for the generations to come.